Weekly update

Weekly update

   So first would love to thank everyone that has been listing to the podcast, you are all so amazing and it has been so much fun working on my weekly podcast. it airs every Thursday so far, Arts, crafts & everything in between.  It can be found on almost podcast air. 


    Next up Mother's Day here in the US is fast approaching, don't worry I got you covered & working on a few more items as. The motherhood collection is a permeant collection with a few that are not but for now everything in that collection is 30% off use LOVEYOU30 - I know I may sound like a broken record but I don't want you to miss out on a gift for that special person or for yourself. 


   So it is that time again it is Taurus season ( April 20 - May 21)  We have got you in mind with mugs, sipper cups, pouches, tote bags, and more. So that is now five signs already in the shop. You can use WELCOME10 for 10% off your first order (can't not be combine with any other offer in the shop) 


     If you didn't know this month is autism awareness, I am so glad that more and more families are getting the help they did. I am also happy to see the families are speaking up about this and not shame of it. I am also glad that a lot of the mythes are being cleared up. My son is 20 and autistic. Even with early help with still need more help than what we thought we needed or told we would need. I am just grateful that we are able to find the right help and that I hope that in the future it would easier for more families to get the help that they need. It should be a struggle, please stop cutting funding for people with disabilities, make it easier find and get into the programs. - ok getting off my shop box.  


     Thank you for stopping by the blog, if you have any comments or questions please leave them down below bye for now Eileen. 





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