The blanket test.

The blanket test.

      So I’ve been testing a new product called the arctic fleeces blanket. It is not as soft as I had in mind but than again I have not washed it yet. I did just leave it in white but it can come in a variety of colors. I just used  my Capricorn design, something fun & simple for this test. My plan is  to add the rest of the zodiac & a couple other designs if I do place this item in the shop. 
     It is warm, I’ve used alone and with another blanket.  The image was clear with no bleeds & no problems with the edge stitching. It feels sturdy & yes I’ve tugged on it a little bit, to make sure it won’t fall apart. The other test will be a wash test than I’ll check it again for Quality control. 

       So this is the update so far of the test. I have share a sneak peek on my social media accounts. I think I may give the test some more days before I make a decision. The blank also has a variety of sizes 30”x 40, 50” x 60” & 60” x 80”  which all of them will be in the shop once I make up my mind. I want to make sure that my customers have a Quality product, that  I’m proud to have in my shop. 
     Thank you for stopping by the blog, hope you have a great day & an awesome week bye for now Eileen. 

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