Hello everyone

Hello everyone

Exciting things are happening on Eileen's little crafts & in other news. 

  1. We are funning our 30% off sale for our Motherhood collection
  2. We have new zipper hoodies that are embroidered in the front  and DTF in the back. 
  3. New sipper glass cups and the new travel mugs. 
  4. 13  " laptop sleeve & 15 " laptop sleeve 
  5. So far all of the four month of the zodiac are done and working on the next one real soon. 
  6. We got our Pinterest boards going ( trying to pin only permit collections) 
  7. So exciting that I have started up my podcast - that will be a weekly Thursday or Friday thing. ( still working on it) Arts, crafts and everything in between 

So I do know that I miss blogging so new blog post will be on Sundays. I do hope that you like or have enjoyed today's post, If you have any comments or question please reach out. bye for now Eileen 




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