Hello and welcome

Hello and welcome

  So excited to have my website up & running. A lot of work has been going behind the scenes & still more to be done. The link or Url https://eileenlittlecrafts.com/ is not the same, which has been giving me some trouble. It's sad that I couldn't just cancel it on from my other site but it is what it is. 

      What has changed still  well working on figuring out how to ship to outside of the US, doesn't seem to be any points  and few other things that I will be working on so stay tune to for that. We will be working on the discount code soon. That's all that in a nutshell. 

     I am so to share with all new items. Since we just stepped out of spooking season & not for the next holidays I have designed some skull winter/ Christmas items. These have been so fun to create and I hope that you love them as well. I hope that you have enjoyed today's bye for now Eileen 


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