OR code keychain for Eileen's little crafts.

Behind the scenes.

    Blog post are aways hard and fun. I love writing that came later in life. I have dyslexia which has made a lot of normal task for you, difficult for me. Coming up with something to write if it's not an assignment is another problem. So I sat looking at the screen what can write about that you may not already know; behind the scenes of what I'm working on the shop. 


    So we have kind of hit a wall in looking up designs for the workout gear. The problem is that I wish they could be sold as a set right now I can only sell them separately. I also want to make sure that they match. The tops are sized 2xl to 6x  and bottoms are same. This is by no means about losing weight - I'll make an other post about In the future, so this something new.


    We bought a little photo studio to raise are photo game, long with a light and a spinner for videos. I'll do a full review on those items really soon, I like helping others so maybe this can help you in some way for your product photos. I hope it does mine; keep your fingers cross for me. 


   We have also bought a QR keychain for when I am out with no business cards; which I'll be ordering soon just have to make up my mind. We have ordered QR code sign for the car. Worked on Pinterest board and we keep on eye out for on social media. Still waiting on the OR sign for the car but share with you all how I like it and the seller soon.  


  Thank you everyone for listen to the podcast, hope that you have enjoyed and thank you for stopping bye the blog today. Don't forget about the sell going for Mother's Day bye for now Eileen 



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